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A vital element in the Group’s community engagement strategy is staff volunteerism. The Foundation functions on the assistance of the Group's staff volunteers in all its projects. The John Keells Volunteer Network enables employees to reach beyond their day-to-day work to contribute to the community and environment.  Staff volunteerism is also a means of attracting and retaining staff, with new recruits being made aware of volunteering opportunities and encouraged to volunteer as a part of the Centre Induction Programme. The Group has also introduced a volunteer leave policy, enabling staff to be released for CSR activities with minimum restraint.



Connecting the John Keells Family more closely to one another and the community, and enabling employees to develop skills such as confidence, communication, leadership, teamwork, whilst giving them pride in the organization and a sense of personal fulfillment.



More than 500 staff volunteers engage in projects undertaken by the JKF each year (with many of them volunteering in more than one activity per year), in addition to those who support CSR initiatives at a sector/business level.


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