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Parent Briefing on Vocational Training

2 Dec , 2016,
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John Keells Foundation organized a parent briefing on the 2nd of December towards enhancing parent’s understanding of the importance of education and work experience for their children’s future and motivate more parents and students towards applying for the Vocational training opportunities offered at the John Keells Group. The vocational training program offered by the John Keells Group is available to disadvantaged students from the 5 Neighbourhood schools supported by the John Keells Foundation. After the release of Ordinary Level Examination, those students who do not qualify for Advanced Level studies will be given an opportunity to apply for a six-month vocational training program at Group businesses including Hospitality, Retail, Property and Logistics Sectors.The 6 – month training program involves real life practical exposure and training in the industries of their choice. The briefing was held in the presence of the Zonal Education Director as well as Vocational training mentors from each of the Group’s industries. A speech was given by a current vocational trainee inspiring students to apply and gain the same experience he has. More than 50 students and parents were in attendance.