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Compost Project of Cinnamon Lodge

18 Feb , 2016,
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Since the launch of its successful pilot in 2008/09, Cinnamon Lodge, Habarana continues with the Compost Project, selling packs of compost to its visitors and guests, as well as those of the neighboring ChaayaVillage, Habarana. Through a commercial arrangement brokered by the Foundation, Cinnamon Lodge also supplies compost packs for retailing through some of the Keells Super outlets towards enabling easy access of compost to the customers of the supermarket chain.Whilst the hotel itself uses the compost to produce organic herbs and vegetables, it has also started providing compost by tonnes and by tractor loads to certain buyers, thereby reducing the usage of inorganic fertilizers in gardens and farms.

Sold in attractive packaging and at a relatively negligible cost, the compost is made up of the garden waste collected from the two Keells hotels in Habarana, along with farmyard manure.