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John Keells Vision Project


Providing cataract and vision related health services to deserving individuals across Sri Lanka towards enabling them to regain their vision and thereby their social and economic independence.


Target Group:

John Keells Vision Project targets needy individual who lack resources and financial support to access timely eye care. The main project focuses on the eradication of cataract as the primary cause of preventable blindness in Sri Lanka. A sub project facilitates the donation of spectacles to deserving children and adults.



As at end May 2017, the cumulative total of cataract operations carried out under the Project since its launch in 2004 is 12,863. In addition to carrying out cataract surgeries, spectacles too have been donated, with 8,856 reading glasses and prescription spectacles being provided to adults and children during the same period. The Project, which is conducted with the support of volunteer eye specialists, finances the lenses, surgical tools and post-operative drugs and seeks to empower individuals to once again become productive citizens and regain their social and economic independence. As such, the project benefits not only the individual, but his or her family and society as a whole.


John Keells Volunteers handing out spectacles to beneficiaries.

Volunteer helps with eye test at the Kalutara Eye Camp.


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