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Nature Field Centre at Rumassala

The Nature Field Centre located in Rumassala, Galle is a collaboration of the Foundation with the Central Environment Authority (CEA). Aesthetically designed by the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Moratuwa and constructed under the aegis of the Foundation, the Centre is located on the legendary Rumassala hill which is rich in biodiversity including several species of endemic birds, marine life, coral reefs and a number of rare medicinal plants. The Centre, which includes an auditorium, library and canteen, was jointly declared open by the Minister of Environment and Natural Resources and Head of CSR, John Keells Holdings PLC in July 2008.



Facilitating experiential learning on environment and bio-diversity conservation in a natural setting rich in bio-diversity.


Target Group:

Primary school children



The Centre attracts a fair amount of visitors monthly with an average of 2,000 persons per year, largely comprising school children and teachers. The Foundation continues to monitor the progress of the Centre and support the enhancement of its programs and facilities. By promoting environmental awareness in the younger generation through experiential learning, the Centre has given impetus to the conservation efforts of John Keells whilst also creating an opportunity for a successful public-private partnership with the CEA.