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Kala Pola

Kala Pola, Sri Lanka’s highly popular open-air art exhibition cum fair, is an annual event which attracts numerous artists, island-wide. Conceptualized by The George Keyt Foundation, the Kala Pola has enjoyed the unbroken patronage of the John Keells Group for 23 successive years.



Providing a platform to launch and sustain the careers of talented painters and sculptors, fostering the development of a client base and thereby promoting art as a lucrative and professional career, whilst growing the appreciation and patronage of local artists among the public.



In the recent years Kala Pola has showcased approximately 300 artists per year generating over Rs. 13 Million in sales (for which JKF takes no commission). The event attracts an increasing number of visitors-both local and foreign- each year with recent figures estimated over 22,000.

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