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John Keells Digital Art Gallery

John Keells Foundation launched the first FREE corporate digital art gallery for Sri Lankan artists in 2014 to showcase their work through a virtual platform throughout the year.



Hosting an online platform enabling Sri Lankan Artists to showcase their work throughout the year to local and foreign buyers. The main website 'Sri Lankan Art Gallery' also hosts the 'John Keells Art Gallery' which is a platform for selected art by a panel of curators who are experts in the field. The curated site thus provides an aspirational element to the artists who are registered on the Sri Lankan Art Gallery, enabling them to benchmark their work against the curated selections for their own development and growth.


Target Group:

Any Sri Lankan artist over the age of 18 years can post his or her work (drawings, paintings, and sculptures) on the main website, which serves as an electronic portal between artists and buyers. The website has been designed in a user-friendly manner - for both artists and visitors. Artists are able to open and manage their own accounts. Visitors to the website can browse through artists’ portfolios, and contact artists directly if they wish to purchase their work.



As at end December 2016, 482 artists are registered with the Sri Lankan Art Gallery and the work of 224 artists selected by a team of curators is on view at the John Keells Art Gallery. The site attracts an average of 100,000 visitors per year with a progressively increasing trend.

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